Birth By Cesarean

We Will Not Be Shamed

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For most of us, a cesarean section wasn't how we planned to birth our babies. Just the same, here we are. We will not be ashamed. We will hold are darling babies, proud to have, because there is nothing to be ashamed of.

This is not a general parenting community. There are many of those our there, and we don't need to be redundant. Please feel free to post your questions and concerns about c-sections. Absolutely share your birth story, and tell us about your experience with your cesarean. If you have advice that helped you better get through and recover from your c-section, we want to hear it.

However- please do not post about general parenting issues. This is not the place for baby feeding or care advice except insofar as it has to do with cesarean birth. "How do I get my baby to latch on?" not okay. "I'm having trouble breastfeeding because it's hurting my incision." a-okay. Got it? ;-)

Please be kind and respectful in your replies. Remember that on the other side of the computer screen is someone who's likely emotional, hormonal, sleep deprived and a little sensitive.

Thanks ladies!

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