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Birth By Cesarean

Bowel Movement or lack thereof.

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Birth By Cesarean

Bowel Movement or lack thereof.

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I had my third child last Friday, the 16th. It was an elective after having an emergency c-section with my first child and a vbac with my second. Aside from the fact my blood pressure dropped right after the spinal was done, and I had intense itching to my face all through the procedure and for the next 2 days, it went well. Baby had absolutely no problems.

They gave me a stool softener each day while I was in the hospital, and I've been taking them since leaving as well, but I still have not had a bowel movement. I am peeing and passing gas fine, just nothing else is happening. A bit sore along the incision, but nothing major. I don't feel like I'm particularly uncomfortable or that I'm constipated or anything, there is just no urge to go. Is this normal? It's been a week!

ETA: Well, something about typing the problem out seemed to do the trick, at least the first one is out of the way now!
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