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Birth By Cesarean

We Will Not Be Shamed

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Birth By Cesarean



September 28th, 2009

(no subject)

I saw a clip on tv today of a woman giving birth naturally (or at least vaginally I don't know if she had an epidural or other pain meds).

It brought me to tears.

It's been five months. I'm suprised at how upset it made me.

Has anyone had similar issues and how long before it got better?

My husband says it's normal, that I'm grieving what I lost but I wonder if it really is normal and how long it lasts for most people if it is normal.

September 6th, 2009

Bruce Leland
9lbs 11 oz
22 inches long

BruceCollapse )

June 22nd, 2009


I have been experiencing pain above the incision site. The abdomin feels like a burning sort of pain and is very tender to the touch. I'm 8 weeks out from my c-section and am wondering if anyone else has experienced this sort of pain, and if so how long before it went away?

May 28th, 2009


It's almost been five weeks since my c-section. I have a large section of skin above the scar that feels tough almost scaley like skin sometimes gets after a bad burn. It's been like this almost from the beginning. I keep thinking it's going to peel and leave flexible and soft skin behind but it hasn't/isn't. It was in the exact same location as all my bruising, but the bruising is almost gone just a small patch now about 3 inches round of brusing but the skin issue is still from hip to hip at least 3 inches wide.

Is this normal and if so how long before it goes away?

May 13th, 2009

(no subject)

I had gotten started writting my story out but had a power outage and lost it. I can't help wondering if I was meant to start over...

On April 24th 2009 my daughter was born via emergency c-section. Of all the things said about the birth of my daughter two stick out the most. 1. Her apgar score is a 9.9. (She's healthy as a horse) 2. "The water still in the tub, the birth plan shreded because it had to be..."

I had great plans for a natural childbirth. I found a midwife. I found a hospital that while not known as a great "hospital" was well known for having a wonderful maternity ward. And it was lovely. They are very supportive of natural childbirth. They have tubs for laboring in (nice big ones with jets...) The rooms are lovely and they have all sorts of means to help with natural childbirth. Birthballs, squatbars, encourage walking the ward that is designed in one big circle, rocking chairs and have the infants all rooming in... I figured it wouldn't matter that they don't have a NICU nor do they handle anything high risk. I wasn't high risk. The ultrasounds showed her perfect, healthy and even in the right position (even though I questioned the tech because I thought she looked slightly turned).

I hired a doula and wrote out my birth plan. I packed my bag with swim trunks for my husband, my own birth ball, candies, and music varrying from soft to drum music. I even packed my own nightgowns. I envisioned this birth where I would walk in labor with my husband holding him through the contractions. Where I would rest in the tub letting the water help ease the pain. Where I would push my daughter out free from an IV or epidural. Where I would have her placed on my chest bloody and messy to breastfeed her. Where she'd be cleaned up and my husband would cut the umbilical cord. Where coon after I would have a chance to shower and be moved to a recovery room where I could begin to heal and get to know my child... Where my placenta would be kept and taken home... None of this happened.

As the day drew closer I was told that I was 70% effaced and 2 cm dialiated. And that she was in a +1 position. I was told that the +1 position was a great thing. In hindsight I think it should have been monitored more closely...

I had weeks of promordial (not sure I spelled that right) labor. That ended when true labor began Tuesday night around 10pm. The contractions were strange from the beginning but this is my first and only child and I had no idea what to do about these strange contractions. They were about an hour apart, but they lasted anywhere from 4 - 8 minutes containing multiple peaks. The nurse at the hospital used the term couplet contractions. I have searched for that term online and have yet to find anything on them. These contractions stayed the same an hour apart for over a day.

By Wed. My labor was getting closer but still far from going to the hospital. By wed night I was up to 30 min apart... By Thursday morning (exhausted from almost no sleep for two days) I was up to 15 minutes apart and feeling overwhelmed and exhausted. I labored the whole day and late that night I finally decided the contractions were too close and too strong to stay home but I was suddenly overwhelmed with the feeling that I didn't want to go to the hospital. That I wasn't safe there. In hindsight I think I knew something was wrong. I just didn't know how to fix it and I still don't know what I could have done different that for sure would have worked.

I got to the hospital and was told my contractions were about 8 minute apart (they'd seemed closer at home... they said it is normal to slow down again at the hospital). I was told I was 100% effaced and 3-4cm dialiated. Not nearly as close as I'd hoped for. But she was still in the +1 position and it appeared to be the problem. Her head was blocked my cervix from dropping/tilting (I still don't completely understand this part). They nearly forced me to lay on the bed on my side trying to get her to move so my cervix could move. It was excruciating. I cried and cried. I'd been doing so well at home but these people wouldn't let me do what helped they wanted me to lay on my side, they wanted me to rest. I begged for the tub and they finally a few hours in let me try it. It didn't help. The pressure had become immense. I couldn't relax in the hospital. I'd lost my stride I had at home. I couldn't get the mental state back and I cried that I wanted to die. At first I asked for something to ease the anxiety and the panic attacks, but by the time they decided on something to ease the anxiety I'd decided to do the epidural. Just one small faliure.

The IV in place, the epidural in place. Stuck to the bed. Stuck with the monitors. But atleast there came sleep.

By morning the midwife said I was 6 cm dialiated and wanted to break my water to speed things along. I agreed.

A couple hours later dialiated to 9cm and holding still. She suggested I push if I felt the desire because it might help. I did. But she felt the contractions were just too far apart. She wanted to try pitocin... (I wish I never had)

She gave me just the smallest does of pitocin and the contractions kicked up just a little. But my daughter's heartrate jumped over 205. The pitocin was turned off. They checked my temperature and it was 101.5... They gave me oxygen. I tried to resist the urge to push. Trying to get her heartrate down...

The midwife came in saying she'd called the Dr. and the Dr felt we need to do a c-section. I cried, I begged... I gave in because my little girl could die...

She was born perfectly healthy. My husband left with her to the nursery and I was sewen up.

My placent was shipped off to the lab. (Damn them for ruining it with formaldhyde)

I spent a hellish four days in the hospital where my inlaws made things worse because they were mad about not being contacted about the labor when it began (we called after she was born as had been our original plan). The nurses were awful. My pain meds never came reguarly. They messed me up with breastfeeding by insisting on giving her bottles because I "wasn't producing enough milk for her". I didn't get any good help with latching in the hospital and quit breastfeeding because both breasts were bleeding... I left with swollen feet and legs, my pain still uncontrolled just desperate to go home and get away from this horrible hospital.

Almost three weeks later and my body still feels broken. My daughter is perfect in every way.

I'm still trying to breastfeed but I want to quit. I have been healing a huge bruise across my stomach, and I've had pain up under my ribs which I didn't think was related to the c-section but after a night in the ER have come to the conclussion it must me.

My breast hurt, my stomach hurts, my back hurts still from where the epidural was placed... I am grieving the loss on my natural birth and considering after being told that I have "flat nipples" that perhaps this body just was never meant to have a child. I can treasure her but perhaps it is only because of modern medicine and science that I will get to keep her. Perhaps a medical birth was the only one she could ever have had. Perhaps her or I or both would be dead otherwise. Perhaps with out formula she would starve. Perhaps I should just be thankful but right now I'm just sad, frustrated, and deseperate for something to go right.

I was told by the doula that I'd start feeling better in two weeks. I'm almost to three weeks. How long did it take the rest of you to heal? And if you were also an emergency c-section did you feel the same loss? I mean I almost don't feel like she's mine. I hardly showed in my pregnancy (she was 8lbs but even the Dr doing the c-section figured she'd be small because of the size of my belly), and I fell asleep and woke up with this child given to me by my husband. And if you felt the same how long before the pain of the failed plan faded?

And yet I'm still upset over it all.

March 11th, 2009

I stress a bit about the inevitability of my delivery options. Its not that I have any kind of problem w/ c-sections, I just wish I were in a situation with more of a choice, you know?  

Anyhow, each time I read a post like this, it helps me relax a LOT. Yeah, there were some complications, but her descriptions about the actual experience are very good and made in a way my brain can cope with. Like it's REAL and not just a text book experience. And, of ourse there are gorgeous baby pics to go with it :D 

Any how, she didn't mind if I shared, so here it is :) 

March 5th, 2009

hello! this is my first time posting here. I joined because i have a question, but no one i know who has had a c-section to answer...

how long did it take you to get a regular cycle back?

i had a c-section in mid oct, bled for about five weeks, got a period on dec 23-28 and then a second one on jan 25-30, but have yet to have one again yet.

i took a preg. test yesterday and it was negative, so i'm wondering if i could still be pregnant or if this is expected???

thanks for any answers!

edit:: i am also not breast feeding, i had stopped just a bit after i had stopped bleeding. also nothing has changed in my diet or anything that might usually effect my cycle.

(no subject)

hi, i'm new here and just wanted to do a quick intro post.

i'm currently expecting baby #2 - 17 weeks as of tomorrow. with my first pregnancy i had gestational diabetes and pre-eclampsia. the PE resulted in an induced labor that failed to progress, so i ultimately had an emergency c-section after 24 hours of labor. i'm really hoping to avoid those complications this time around, so my ob has already decided that we'll do a planned section.
i've been promised that a planned section will not be as brutal and exhausting as the emergency one was. i certainly hope so!!
i still have another 18 weeks or so before we'll start discussing dates. i'm due august 14, and my father's birthday is august 6. i was really hoping to schedule the birth for that day, but that will put me at 38w6d. with this being my second child i'm not sure if they'll let me go that long, but i guess i'll have to wait and see.

i have my "big ultrasound" tomorrow, so hopefully i'll have some exciting news to post then. ^_^

January 22nd, 2009

Mod Post

lee me
Due to some concern from one of our members that really didn't sit well with me, I'm removing all members of this community who are also members of birthsnob.

Membership here is moderated, and from now on we will not be adding new people who are in that community.

Many of us make choices that are not popular with the granolas. Many of us are faced with having to choose a birth that compromises our ideals. These choices should be respected as our own, and not fodder for a bunch of bitches to judge and snark in their own petty little private community.

Hope this is cool with you guys, and helps your feel safe posting here.
I had my third child last Friday, the 16th. It was an elective after having an emergency c-section with my first child and a vbac with my second. Aside from the fact my blood pressure dropped right after the spinal was done, and I had intense itching to my face all through the procedure and for the next 2 days, it went well. Baby had absolutely no problems.

They gave me a stool softener each day while I was in the hospital, and I've been taking them since leaving as well, but I still have not had a bowel movement. I am peeing and passing gas fine, just nothing else is happening. A bit sore along the incision, but nothing major. I don't feel like I'm particularly uncomfortable or that I'm constipated or anything, there is just no urge to go. Is this normal? It's been a week!

ETA: Well, something about typing the problem out seemed to do the trick, at least the first one is out of the way now!
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