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Birth By Cesarean

Bruce Leland 9lbs 11 oz 22 inches long We went in for our…

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Birth By Cesarean

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Bruce Leland
9lbs 11 oz
22 inches long

We went in for our scheduled Csection on Tuesday morning. Started only 30 min late and he was out @ 12:34. Which I really expected to not get him until later due to emergency sections and stuff.

I went into the C section really relaxed and just excited for the baby. The nurse freaked me out when i told her i did cheat and eat 2 ice cubes after midnight. I can go without eating...but no water is hard...the anesthesiologist said it was no big deal though. So yay. Everything went smoothly. the epideral went right in and I actually didn't even feel any pressure. Once my husband came in they started the procedure and I didn't even know it started until I asked my husband what they were doing. Before I knew it he was out!

They stitched me up in about an hour. Then I FINALLY got to hold little Bruce. I love him! He looks almost idenical to his sister when she was born. She had more hair though.

I was on motrin and percocet for the pain. And am now on oxicodine and motrin. I've been taking them every 6 or 7 hours. So I have barely been noticing the pain.

All in all so far, I thnk my c setion experience has gone rather well. I want to thank everyone for all the advice given through this community. Without it I do not feel that I would have been so chill throughout everything.

I do not regert getting the section at all and am basically happy with my overall birth/hospital procedures/stay.

My only issue right now is that while i was pregnant the bottom of my stomach starting feeling weird and hard in one little spot. Now since my baby has been born my whole stomach under my belly button feels like that. It is heavy and feels like I stll have a baby in my tummy. According to mt OB it is fluid retention and should resolve itself on its own. gross. I hope it does. It is so heavy that I am afraid that it will tear my stitches. I can't even sleep at night because of it.

I was wondering if anyone else has ever experienced this and how long did it take to go away.

Bruce is awesome!
He was cluster feeding on friday night into saturday morning but since then feeds on/off for an hour or so and is then good for 2-4 hours.
Bruce is breastfeeding like a champ and is also using the pacifier.
No spit up yet or colicky behavior hope it stays like this! :)

On tuesday we have his 1st dr apt. hopefully they will look at his kidneys @ this appt to make see if the one that was closed opened on its own or if he is going to need surgery.
We also noticed that the nails on his big toes are looking like they are in grown..so that doesn't look fun...

We came home friday and are pretty much settled in. His sister adores him and has made it her task to give him his binky.
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